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Borigg Commercial Cleaning - A fresh approach

About Us and Our Business

Borigg Cleaning Services (BCS) is a 100% Australian owned, privately held commercial cleaning company

We have three principle business objectives:
  1. Provide a solution where the standard of service is never in question.
  2. Provide a solution that is good value for money.
  3. Be the employer of choice for all our staff.
We have extensive experience working within corporate environments and actually using the services we now provide - we know what is required not only to win business but also to retain it.

Our focus, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, is to be great in four key areas.

  1. Staff recruitment, satisfaction and retention.

  2. Only accept work that makes commercial sense and is, therefore, sustainable.

  3. High levels of service are not negotiable. We will not compromise standards for price.

  4. Respond to client needs in a timely manner and remove cleaning services from their list of things to have to worry about.

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1300 302 033

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03 9523 2127

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